Laser hair removal is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and is the most commonly performed laser treatment in the world and the best method for permanent hair removal In addition to this removal method being safe, at Depilhome Zagreb we use the best laser on the market – the Soprano XL diode laser, which represents the gold standard in medicine for permanent hair removal.

In case you are still hesitating about what to choose, which method to lean towards, here are 5 reasons why laser removal and specifically why Depilhome:

    1. Approved, proven, and safe – laser hair removal has become one of the fastest and safest methods. Behind the Depilhome Zagreb centers stands Jose Antonio Raillo, a medical doctor and specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery, which instills confidence in each of our clients regarding the expertise and quality of the diode laser.
    2. Long-lasting results – the results of laser hair removal typically last for years. Of course, occasional correction is needed; there’s no option that will rid you of hair forever, but the long-lasting results of laser epilation are guaranteed. Unlike continuous shaving or waxing every week or two, laser epilation is something you do once and then enjoy a certain period of peace.
    3. Financial savings – with continuous visits for depilations, self-shaving, or waxing, you’re constantly spending money and essentially committing to a lifelong expense. With laser epilation, however, thanks to the top-quality and precise diode laser and expertise, you’ll achieve long-lasting results, thereby saving money.
    4. Time-saving – if you shave yourself, you always need to account for that time when preparing, showering, etc. The same goes for visits to get depilations. It’s necessary to reserve a slot and allocate time for that treatment. By choosing laser epilation, you will really save a lot of time.
    5. Safe and painless – there are various myths about laser hair removal, such as the painfulness of the treatment or the insecurity of the lasers. Of course, there are a number of services in the market that are not founded on expertise, but the use of the diode laser is guaranteed to be safe and painless.

If you have any additional questions about the treatment itself, the number of repetitions, or the cost, feel free to schedule a free consultation at one of our centers. Contact us at info@depilhome.hr