Terms and conditions

These conditions are the terms and conditions with which you (the User) and DEPILHOME, regulate the use and enjoyment of the DEPILHOME website. Being a user of the DEPILHOME website implies that you acknowledge having read and accepted these conditions and what derives from the applicable legal regulations in this matter. If you do not agree to these conditions, please do not continue using this website.



The DEPILHOME website (hereinafter the website) has been made for informational purposes only for its users, who have information that is offered free of charge and accessible to everyone without the need to pay any amount at any time of access. It is about this environment especially, on which DEPILHOME wishes to establish the present conditions and limitations of use, which is extended and added in all the complementary and non-contradictory clauses to those that other parts of the web may cover subject to general conditions and / or individuals.



The User undertakes that, in the sections in which it is necessary to register in order to access them, provide truthful, exact and complete information about their identity. It also undertakes to keep the personal data that may be provided to the owner of the domain updated, therefore, solely responsible for the falsehoods or inaccuracies that it makes.

It is reported that if you are a minor you must obtain the permission of your parents, guardians or legal representatives to be able to access the services provided. DEPILHOME is not responsible in the event that the data on this subject is inaccurate or false.

The website can only be used for legal purposes, therefore the user undertakes to make a fair and honest use of the website and in accordance with these General Conditions of Use, not to use the services of the website to carry out activities contrary to Croatian legislation, morality and public order, assuming on the part of the user all the responsibilities of damages and losses against the owner of the domain or third parties that may arise from illegal or not allowed practices among others and by way of example and not limitation:

Carry out any manipulation or alteration of this page without prior consent from the domain owner, the domain owner not assuming any responsibility that may arise from such manipulation or alteration by third parties.

Carry out any act that may damage, disable, overload, or deteriorate the website and services and / or prevent normal use and utilization by Users.

Introduce and / or use computer programs, data, defective files, viruses, malicious code, computer or telecommunications equipment or any other, regardless of their nature that may cause damage to the web, any of the services, or any assets (physical or logical) of the domain owner information systems.

Violate the rights of third parties to privacy, self-image, data protection, confidentiality in communications, intellectual and industrial property.

Hide and falsify the origin of email messages.

Using false identities, impersonating others in the use of the web or in the use of any of the services.

Reproduce, distribute, modify or copy the content of this page, unless you have the authorization of the owner of the domain or are legally authorized.

Transmitting user names and passwords to unauthorized third parties.

The user undertakes not to perform any act against the intellectual or industrial property rights of the author. The provider expressly authorizes third parties to redirect directly to the specific contents of the website, in any case they must redirect to the provider’s main website.



The content and information that the user can access through the web, mainly through the search engine or within the space reserved for registered users, are the property of DEPILHOME. Such information can be viewed for personal, informational and non-commercial uses. But it is forbidden to copy, distribute, execute, reproduce, license, transfer or sell any type of information that is extracted from the DEPILHOME website and especially from the user search engine.



The intellectual and industrial property, trademarks, graphics, images, logos, information and icons visible on the DEPILHOME website are the exclusive property of DEPILHOME, or, where appropriate, of the entity or group that has authorized their inclusion. All content and its format are protected by current national and international laws. The interested use of any content found on the DEPILHOME website is absolutely prohibited, unless a written license is granted.



The objective of the privacy policy of DEPILHOME is to fully comply with current legislation on the protection of personal data. For any questions in this regard, as well as to exercise your right of opposition, rectification or cancellation of your data in our databases, you must identify yourself reliably and write to: Zagreb estetika do.o., Zagreb 10000, Ribnjak 52. Zagrebestetika@gmail.com, 0976242120.

DEPILHOME will not use your information without your permission except for your email address, when required, to maintain a conversation that is initiated by you, in addition to facilitating, as far as possible and without being obliged at any time to this, a way in which you can manage your own information and services. By using the Web www.depilhome.hr you are authorizing us to store the trace left by your IP address for the purpose of administering the systems, improving the effectiveness of the Web and making global statistical studies, as well as as a security measure and for respond to legal requirements if applicable. The user has the possibility of accepting or rejecting “cookies” by configuring their browser. In that case, it is possible that some of the web functionalities will not work properly. On occasions, in the forms in which data is collected, authorization is requested to send you news about the service of DEPILHOME and / or third parties, and occasionally conduct surveys to know the level of satisfaction of the User with the service.

DEPILHOME in its capacity as owner and manager of the Web, will not be able to sell or rent to third organizations its list of Users and contact information, although it is possible that information from third organizations may be included in the communications it makes directly. that DEPILHOME understands of special interest for the User, being able to oppose this treatment at any time according to our privacy policy.



DEPILHOME is not liable for damages caused by failures or misconfigurations of the software installed on the User’s computer, transmission failures and defects in the software manufacturer. This website is prepared by default to be viewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers in versions 8 or higher with Windows XP, VISTA, 7 and 8 operating systems, and the latest versions of the Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome browsers. DEPILHOME is not responsible for the lack of visualization of relevant information that could occur in another type of possible combination of browsers and / or operating systems. You are solely responsible for what happens on your own Equipment, and you must take appropriate security measures to protect the information hosted on it, to avoid loss or damage caused by downloads from the Web Regarding the information that you may access the user through the web, due to the different sources of obtaining it and its recording process, DEPILHOME does not guarantee the absolute correction of the same and therefore the User may not demand any responsibility for damages and losses derived from errors in the information provided.

DEPILHOME is not responsible for the Links (LINKS) to other Internet pages of third parties and their existence does not imply that DEPILHOME approves or accepts their contents and services. These other web pages are not controlled by DEPILHOME or covered by this Privacy Policy. If you access other web pages using the Links provided, the operators of those web sites may collect your personal information. Make sure you agree with the Privacy Policies of these third-party websites before providing any type of personal information.

In general, the owner of the domain, excludes its responsibility for damages of any nature and nature that may arise from the use of the website of, as well as damages derived from the infringement of intellectual property rights and Industrial on the part of the users and / or the lack of veracity, accuracy, and timeliness of the contents, nor may they be held liable for the interruption of the service, inadequate operation or inability to access the service.

The domain owner will not be responsible for damages caused by the presence of viruses or any other harmful software that may cause alterations in the User’s computer system. The website, including but not limited to, its programming, designs, logos, text and / or graphics are the property of the provider or, where appropriate, have a license or express authorization from the authors.



DEPILHOME may vary these conditions at any time, although it is not intended to be frequent, by publishing the dates of the modifications on this same page and entering into force immediately. If, due to a legislative change or judicial resolution, a part of these conditions ceases to be applicable, said clauses will be canceled, but the others will be perfectly valid and will remain in force. The fact of continuing to use our website implies that you accept these conditions and agree to accept the modifications made to them, forcing yourself to review this page frequently. If you do not accept these conditions, you should not continue visiting the DEPILHOME website.



The contents of DEPILHOME do not have any political line or are supported by any ideology or political-social or business group over another.