Depilation with sugar paste

From ancient times, in order to get rid of unwanted hair, people have been finding ways to remove them, both for the visual aspect and for hygiene. The body without hair was also appreciated by the ancient Egyptians, who are considered to be the inventors of sugar depilation. In addition to spirituality, the appearance to […]

Classic bikini, brazilian or hollywood?

What kind of intimate area hairstyle to choose is a matter of personal choice. While it is easy for some to decide, others need a little help with their choices. First, let’s clarify the differences between these three categories. A classic bikini implies an area beyond the outer edge of panties or bikinis, the brazilian […]

Facial hair in women

Is there any person who finds darker hair on any part of a woman’s face attractive? It is difficult for anyone to answer this question in the affirmative; on the contrary, the part of the female population that is affected by this phenomenon will do anything to hide these “male” hairs as they know it, […]

The price of laser hair removal

Although laser hair removal seems to be the most expensive method of hair removal, it is actually – the most convenient! Of all the methods of hair removal available to us today, laser hair removal is the most expensive, but only if viewed on a single treatment. It is of immense importance here to note […]

Brazilian epilation for better sex

The term “brazilian” was popularized by seven sisters from Brazil who opened a beauty salon in Manhattan in 1987 and began offering this style of waxing a few years later. From the very beginning, success was guaranteed and the nude hairstyle of the intimate body part gained planetary popularity. Many will agree that the absence […]