At Depilhome, we use a revolutionary diode laser (Soprano® XL) that enables permanent, fast, and effective hair removal from any part of the face and body. The revolutionary system of our technology distributes energy on the skin gradually, thereby avoiding the risk of burns.

By absorbing optical energy, the hair is heated up to the follicle and then destroyed. Since hairs grow simultaneously in all three phases of which only the first, namely the anagen phase of growth contains the largest amount of melanin, treatments need to be repeated several times.

Most of the hairs from the treated area fall out within 2 to 3 weeks after which follows a period of several weeks during which they do not grow. ith each treatment performed, the number of fallen hairs increases while the number of those that return decreases and they become weaker, softer, and more delicate.

It is important for clients to know their real expectations in laser hair removal. For this purpose, Depilhome always offers free consultations where your skin and hair type will be examined to assess whether you are a suitable candidate for treatment with a diode laser, or if necessary, recommend another option.

During the consultations, our expert will inform you about the guidelines you need to adhere to before, during, and after the treatment and about the number of necessary visits, as well as other aesthetic recommendations.