AFT Photo-Rejuvenation

AFT Photo-Rejuvenation

With the Harmony AFT you can treat all types of areas affected by hyperpigmentation spots, both on the face and the rest of the body.



The skin tone is defined, in general, by the phototype of each person and by their exposure to the sun. The areas that are exposed for the longest time are the ones that will experience the appearance of spots more easily. These areas are frequently: face, neck, décolleté, arms and hands.

Melanin is the pigment in the skin that determines its color, and is generated by the body as a protective barrier against UV (Ultraviolet) rays, which are the cause of tanning.

When the manufacture of melanin is altered by prolonged exposure to the sun, this pigment begins to behave in a “defective” manner, causing dark spots (hyperpigmentation) to appear in areas where melanin production increases a lot and spots whitish (hypopigmentation) where melanin has stopped being produced at normal levels.

But not only inadequate and prolonged exposure to the sun is the cause of the appearance of unwanted and unsightly spots, but it also has multiple origins: the main factors responsible for our skin beginning to stain, ranging from the passage of time to hormonal changes that we can undergo at specific moments in our life, such as in pregnancy, through the use of certain medications, such as contraceptives and even perfumes or photosensitizing cosmetics or smoking.

All these agents are responsible for our skin looking dull, lacking a uniform tone and having an aged and unattractive appearance.


The Harmony AFT pulsed light causes oxidation of spots and cauterization of vascular lesions in the areas where it is applied, this process is essential for the activation of collagen in the skin (neocolagenesis), which will regenerate the skin to eliminate the spots and we will also achieve that the skin is much smoother and spectacularly luminous.

Depending on the type of stain according to its origin, the specialist will indicate one treatment or another or even a combination of several, as well as the use of creams that keep melanin production under control.

Harmony AFT is a type of medical laser that concentrates a large amount of energy at the same point in a very short space of time, it is what is known as “shot”. This energy emitted in each shot will capture the melanin of each spot, destroying it.

With Harmony AFT Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) you can treat all types of areas affected by spots, both on the face and the rest of the body. Pulsed Light is a non-invasive, painless and really effective method against spots. As a general rule, it is a treatment that requires the repetition of the sessions until all the stains are completely eliminated. Being the normal between 3 and 5 sessions to achieve an optimal result. As a general rule, the interval between sessions is 3 to 4 weeks.

Harmony AFT is indicated in:

  • As a treatment to restore the “freshness” of the skin: you will obtain a smoother and softer skin, with a more uniform tone.
  • Flushing (redness of the face, neck, décolleté).
  • Rosacea: Patients with active inflammatory rosacea generally experience a considerable improvement in symptoms.
  • Photoaging or sun damage of the skin.
  • Pigmentation problems: such as brown age spots.
  • Worn or rough-looking skin with large pores: Smoother skin is achieved with a visible reduction in pore size.
  • Non-facial sun damage: skin on the décolleté, back of hands, forearms and legs can be safely rejuvenated with AFT.


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