Facial hair in women

Is there any person who finds darker hair on any part of a woman’s face attractive? It is difficult for anyone to answer this question in the affirmative; on the contrary, the part of the female population that is affected by this phenomenon will do anything to hide these “male” hairs as they know it, from enhanced makeup to any possible removal method.
Increased facial hair in women, due to their aesthetic unacceptability in today’s society, can result in psychological stress, self-esteem issues, depression, feelings of shame and avoidance of social interactions.
Equally innocuous may be the fact that this same hairiness indicates that something in the body is not in perfect balance, which is why, before deciding on any type of hair removal, a visit to the doctor is necessary.
Excessive hair in women, or hirsutism, can be genetically inherited, can be caused by abnormal thyroid function, as a result of the production of too many male hormones androgen or testosterone, but the most common cause is polycystic ovary syndrome. At puberty in girls, the ovaries begin to produce a mixture of female and male sex hormones, which causes the growth of hair of underarm and pubic areas. Hirsutism can occur if a combination of hormones becomes imbalanced, or if the male hormone (androgen) outnumbers the female hormone. Sometimes the cause cannot even be identified, but is simply linked to a geographical location – an example of such occurrence is southern Asia and the Mediterranean.
The most long lasting and safest method of removing darker facial hair is laser hair removal. However, unless the problem is addressed internally, laser treatments will be required in a much larger number, that’s why it is important to take other necessary steps at the same time. Establishing a hormonal balance is facilitated by consuming a proper and healthy diet, exercising and also using certain medications. It is crucial to follow the doctor’s instructions, but it is certainly not out of the question to give a chance to natural traditional preparations, such as a combination of honey and green walnut.
There are aesthetic solutions for facial hair, but it is important to first find out their cause, start solving problems from the inside out, and ultimately, the decision about laser hair removal will be saved as the best for last!